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Bello Collective 100 Outstanding Podcasts of 2018
Selected in the Narrative Nonfiction category


“Through accounts of loss and history, the show set out to move beyond ‘typical immigrant narratives.’”
— Manila Bulletin interview

“The podcast is a gem – it creeps up on us, not lecturing, not judging, but still shakes us from the stupor of our secret colonial mentality.”
— Rappler

“Timely, personal, and evocative, this Filipino-American’s podcast delves into seldom told stories about the Pinoy diaspora.”
— Manila Bulletin feature

“The history of the United States cannot be properly told without including the stories of Filipino and Filipino American people. Paola Mardo's podcast presents a vital resource in telling that story.”
— The Southern Poverty Law Center's Teaching Tolerance project

“The United States’ imperialist relationship with the Philippines fueled waves of immigration that now makes Filipino Americans the third-largest Asian American community. Filipina American journalist Paola Mardo explores the diaspora’s history in Long Distance.”
— Colorlines

“The first episode of Long Distance, a show about Filipinos who live outside of the Philippines, wonderfully weaves together the history of Filipino Americans with a present-day story of vandalism at a Filipino American community center. It was a great history lesson for me, and it's a great example of how to tell a story of how the past impacts the present and how the present draws from the past.”
— Bello Collective

“Mardo recommends Long Distance for anyone of the younger generations of Filipino Americans, younger Filipinos in the diaspora, college and high school students, and anyone who has an interest in Filipino stories or podcasts.”
— Yomyomf

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