The Team


Paola Mardo, Host/Writer/Producer/Creator

Paola Mardo is a podcast host and producer. She hosts, writes, edits, mixes, and produces Long Distance. She used to worked in the film industry at Sony Pictures and Annapurna Pictures before starting her first podcast F This Weekly. She has produced radio stories and podcasts for KCRW’s Good Food, Offshore, PRI’s The World, KPCC’s The Frame, and Hulu.

In 2016, Paola started an audio project about LA’s Historic Filipinotown. Through her work as a journalist, she saw a great need to tell thoughtful, well-reported audio stories about her community. She expanded the project into the diaspora, and that’s how Long Distance was born.

Paola attributes her radio work to her international upbringing — she was born in LA but grew up in Manila, Kuala Lumpur, and the San Francisco Bay Area. In the first grade at an international school in Malaysia, she was given this bright red outfit for a school performance because she was, supposedly, the smallest person in class who could fit it.

More about Paola at, twitter, and instagram.


Patrick Epino, Producer/Video Director/Voice Actor

Patrick Epino is a filmmaker and actor whose credits include Bitter Melon, Awesome Asian Bad Guys, and the National Film Society YouTube channel.

He directs and produces Long Distance TV, and provides production and editorial support, commentary, and character voices for the show.

Patrick was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. One day in high school before soccer practice, a classmate took this photo of him and his friends. He’s been perfecting his off-camera selfie gaze ever since.

More about Patrick at, twitter, and instagram.

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Series Credits

Cover art is by Celina Calma.

Title design is by Paola Mardo.

Theme song is “Comin’ Along” by C. Light and the Prisms. The song is available on the “Heatwave” EP.

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