What is Long Distance TV?

It’s a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Long Distance podcast!

We’ll show you the podcast production process, as well as some how-to guides and other fun stuff like making season 2, meeting listeners IRL, and being part of the Google Podcasts creator program. Directed and produced by Long Distance producer Patrick Epino.

How do I watch Long Distance TV?

You can watch right here on this website! Scroll down and enjoy.

You can also watch by subscribing to the YouTube channel National Film Society. If you’re subscribed to the channel, you’ll get updates on new episodes.

National Film Society is Patrick’s production company and YouTube channel which Long Distance TV is now a proud part of.

So what are you waiting for?

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LDtv #4: Call Us and Share Your Long Distance Story!

Long Distance wants YOU! Call us at +1 (213) 293-6024 and leave us a voicemail with your story about being Filipino wherever you are. We might share it on the podcast, on LDtv, or maybe even make an episode about it. Can't wait to hear it! More info in the latest episode of Long Distance podcast here.


LDtv #3: Top 5 Reasons to Apply to the Google Podcasts creator program with PRX

Have a podcast or thinking of starting one? Apply to the Google Podcasts creator program by April 28. Check out our podcast Long Distance, a narrative podcast about life in the Filipino diaspora that is part of program's inaugural cohort. You can listen on any podcast app podcast app or right here on this website longdistanceradio.com.


LDtv #2: Long Distance Podcast in Brooklyn!

We met up with some of our Long Distance podcast listeners in Brooklyn, NY and asked them some hard-hitting questions about the show.


LDtv #1: Our trip to the Google Podcasts creator program bootcamp!

Long Distance host/producer Paola Mardo and co-producer Patrick Epino take a trip to Boston, Massachusetts for the Google Podcasts creator program boot camp at the PRX Podcast Garage. A behind-the-scenes look at their podcast adventures and thoughts about weather in this edition of Long Distance TV, a video series about the making of Long Distance podcast. More info here.


NFS Presents Long Distance TV

National Film Society presents Long Distance TV.


LD Podcast Video Teaser:

Video teaser for Long Distance, Paola Mardo’s new narrative podcast about life in the Filipino diaspora.