Episode #5: Long Distance Love Story

Friday, March 15, 2019

Ex-high school sweethearts turned overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) reconnect almost 40 years later.

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Show Notes

A version of the first half of this episode was originally produced as a radio story for KQED’s The California Report. Listen to it here.

Interviews were conducted by Paola Mardo.

Long Distance is hosted and produced by Paola Mardo.
Co-producer is Patrick Epino.

Cover art is by Celina Calma.
Title design by Paola Mardo.

Theme Song is “Comin’ Along” by C. Light and the Prisms. Excerpts from the following songs were used in throughout the episode:
Darn that Weasel - Blue Dot Sessions
The Molerat - Blue Dot Sessions
In Passage - Blue Dot Sessions
Solear Interlude - Blue Dot Sessions
Slimheart - Blue Dot Sessions
Assembly Line Work - Dee Yan Key
Sal’s Piano Solo - Blue Dot Sessions

Special Thanks
Special thanks to Sandy Tolan, Karen Lowe, Sasha Khokha, and the radio documentary class at the University of Southern California Annenberg School of Journalism.

Coming soon.

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