Episode #4: 1.5

January 24, 2019

What happens when you’re caught between two worlds -- your homeland and your new home country? A 1.5 generation story set in Cerritos, California with Pia Ilagan Lingasin. And host/producer Paola Mardo reflects on her own 1.5 experience. Plus: Growing up in LA's Historic Filipinotown with Carlene Sobrino Bonnivier and Gregory Villanueva.

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Show Notes


Research and interviews were conducted by Paola Mardo. Below is a list of some research sources.

Kim, Bryan & R Brenner, Bradley & T H Liang, Christopher & A Asay, Penelope. (2003). A Qualitative Study of Adaptation Experiences of 1.5 Generation Asian Americans. Cultural diversity & ethnic minority psychology. 9. 156-70. 10.1037/1099-9809.9.2.156.

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KPCC: Gen.15: Where an immigrant fits in

Wikipedia: 1.5 generation (I know, I know, Wiki… but this is interesting!)

Long Distance is hosted and produced by Paola Mardo.
Co-producer is Patrick Epino.

Cover art is by Celina Calma.
Title design by Paola Mardo.

Theme Song is “Comin’ Along” by C. Light and the Prisms. Excerpts from the following songs were used in throughout the episode:
Spunk Lit Digibeat - Blue Dot Sessions
Cupcake Marshall - Blue Dot Sessions
Lemon and Melon - Blue Dot Sessions
VK Mendl - Blue Dot Sessions
Assembly Line Work - Dee Yan Key
Georgia Overdrive - Blue Dot Sessions
Highway 430 - Blue Dot Sessions
Waltz for Zacaria - Blue Dot Sessions
Stretch of Lonely - Blue Dot Sessions

Special Thanks
Special thanks to Katie Park, Sooh Oh, Leslie Shim, and Keith Camacho.

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